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Paracord is a very strong material that originally comes from the military as well as parachute and sailing sports. It is very suitable for making dog collars and leashes! It is very light, easy to clean, and you will have a unique set of Leah and collar that none else has got in this world.

I mainly use paracord type 3, which has a tensile load of 249 kg per cord.






Example leash:

8 - fold braided herringbone pattern







Leash patterns from top to bottom:

Type I: 8-fold Heringbone 

Type II: Goucho

Type III: 8-fold round braid

Type IV: Fishtail, flatter leash, picture below

Paracord offers a variety of colors, strengths and functional properties.

There is phosphorescent paracord, which after a 2 hour charge by UV rays or other light source, is luminous, the luminosity lasts 3-4 hours depending on the length of the charging process.

In addition, there is also reflective paracord, which just like the phosphorescent in the dark season of the year or at night provides an effective addition when walking the dog. (Photos with and without activated flash)

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